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Our values and principles guide us on the journey to bring real food to real people. We live our values through every step of the process; from the first steps of sourcing local and purchasing directly from our producers to the final steps of designing our menus and serving meals to our community.


We believe that the choices we make about what to eat, where it comes from and how it is prepared have a powerful impact on the health of our community and the environment. We believe that the benefits of real food should be celebrated not only by our customers, but also our employees, farmers and community.


  • We purchase from family farms and small businesses across New England and New York . If we need to go farther afield for quantity, quality, or variety of products, we seek the nearest alternative sources.

  • We work with local producers and farmers year-round to source a variety of proteins, produce and grocery items.

  • We seek the tastiest, highest quality seasonal produce and aim to deliver it to our customers at the peak of freshness.



  • We purchase products grown with sustainable and regenerative practices that nurture the soil, the environment, the community, and the workforce.

  • We support healthy, diversified agriculture and healthy, diversified eating.

  • We have spent years cultivating a regional supply stream for local, and sustainable animals. 

  • All animals are Certified Humane when harvested. We believe that end of life is just as important as the growth process.

  • Eggs are always cage-free

  • All of our salmon is wild-caught in Bristol Bay, Alaska by Corey Boone’s Taste of Alaska fishing vessel.



  • We have partnered with more than 50 farms in the region who are producing amazing products and who we are proud to support.

  • We seek to support the development and scaling of small farmers by purchasing their products at fair and sustainable prices, expanding their markets, and sharing their stories to our customers and community.

  • We strive to provide real food at great value to customers across the economic spectrum.


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